Telemedicine Visits Now Available at Hicksville Podiatry in Hicksville, NY

To ensure the safety of our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering our patients telemedicine evaluation and treatments from the comfort of your own home. To schedule a telemedicine appointment, please call our office.

Telemedicine Visits Now Available at Hicksville Podiatry in Hicksville, NY
Telemedicine Visits Now Available at Hicksville Podiatry in Hicksville, NY

Are you having any issues with your feet, like calluses or plantar fasciitis? Have you injured your feet in any way? If so and if you need the services of a podiatrist, you may be inclined to go see one in-person. However, you don’t have to go anywhere in order to see a podiatrist; instead, you can see one online or speak to one over the phone! This is telemedicine and Hicksville Podiatry is happy to provide it to you. It offers advice, diagnosis, and even recommendations for care, all at home. If that’s the kind of care you want, then get in touch with us for a telemedicine visit with Hicksville Podiatry in Hicksville, NY!

What can telemedicine do?

Telemedicine (or telecare) is the remote treatment of patients via telecommunications technologies. With this kind of care, a patient can stay at home but still get the treatment he or she needs, like treatment for common issues with the feet, minor foot injuries, or even foot complications caused by a chronic condition like diabetes. Here at Hicksville Podiatry, we can help you via telemedicine whenever you might need us, even if it’s on an ongoing basis.

Sometimes telemedicine is the best kind of care to get. Whenever you don’t want to or shouldn’t leave your home for any reason, opt for telemedicine. It has the additional benefit of reduced costs!

What are the types of telemedicine?

There are a few different types of telemedicine. There’s telemedicine via a phone call, and this might be good enough for your needs. However, it might not offer the kind of face-to-face, hands-on care you want. The second option is email communication, but it has the same limitations. However, if all you need is just some basic advice or to follow up with a podiatrist, either one of these first two options will work for you. The third option is a virtual visit over online video chat. This offers the face-to-face care you may prefer, and it may be better for having certain issues diagnosed and treated.

Here at Hicksville Podiatry, we can offer any type of telemedicine you prefer. You can call, email, or video chat with our podiatrist, Dr. Davinder Bhela DPM, who can provide any advice you need, as well as a limited diagnosis and recommendations for care.

How can telemedicine help me?

While it’s true that some services must be provided in-person, many others can be provided via telemedicine. Some of these telemedicine services may be offered at a reduced price. At Hicksville Podiatry, some of our telemedicine services include:

  • Arthritic foot care
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Treatment recommendations for foot, ankle, or heel pain
  • Diagnosis and recommendations for treatment of injuries like ankle sprains
  • Diagnosis and recommendations for treatment of foot issues like skin conditions, gout, athlete’s foot, corns, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts, etc.
  • Treatment recommendations like foot orthotics or prescription medicine
  • Some sports medicine

For any of the services listed above or any related service, get in touch with our clinic today. We’ll tell you more about how we can help you via telemedicine.

Do you offer telemedicine for foot care in Hicksville, NY?

Yes, Hicksville Podiatry offers telemedicine for residents of Hicksville. Our podiatrist, Dr. Davinder Bhela DPM, offers telemedicine services from our clinic at 66 W Barclay Street Hicksville, NY 11801. We can be reached at (516) 806-2200. Please call us at that number to book a telemedicine appointment with the doctor. During your appointment, the doctor will do everything he can to understand your symptoms, diagnose the problem, and provide a recommendation for treatment. We look forward to your call!