Plantar Warts Treatment Specialist Q & A

Plantar Warts Treatment Specialist

Plantar warts can be a real pain, but when they’re dealt with professionally, they’re not a pain for long. At Hicksville Podiatry, plantar wart removal is a pretty simple procedure too. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. We serve you in Hicksville NY, and surrounding areas.

Plantar Warts Treatment Near Me in Hicksville, NY
Plantar Warts Treatment Near Me in Hicksville, NY

How do I know whether or not I have plantar warts?

It’s not too hard to determine whether you have plantar warts because the signs and symptoms are easily recognizable. The most common ones tend to be:

  • A small, rough-feeling growth on the bottom of the foot around the area of the toes, forefoot, and/or heel
  • A hard, thick callus or calluses on the skin
  • Tenderness or pain when you put pressure on the area, such as by walking
  • Black points on the skin, which are actually small, clotted blood vessels

There are some less common but more serious signs and symptoms that definitely require medical attention. These include:

  • A growth that is bleeding or changing appearance/color
  • A growth that persists, recurs, or multiplies
  • Serious pain that can interfere with everyday life

On top of that, if you have diabetes, poor sensation in your feet, or a weakened immune system along with plantar warts, then you should go see a professional like ours at Hicksville Podiatry. Our podiatrist, Dr. Davinder Bhela DPM, is more than capable of helping patients like this.

How are plantar warts professionally diagnosed?

It can be easier for a professional to tell whether you have plantar warts, and because they should be treated professionally anyways, there’s no reason not to get them professionally diagnosed. The doctor will examine the growth, check for signs of clotted blood vessels, and possibly remove a tiny part of the growth with a simple shave biopsy. By testing this sample in a lab, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. And once he or she has a diagnosis, treatment can begin.

How do you treat plantar warts?

Sometimes plantar warts will just go away on their own, but not always, and other times they can take a year or even two years to go away. Over-the-counter meds can work in some cases, but you might require multiple treatments and the warts may return. With professional treatment, though, results can come quick and be permanent! This is why professional treatment is the way to go. At Hicksville Podiatry, we offer many different options for treatment, such as:

  • Prescription medications with salicylic acid, which can remove layers of the wart one at a time
  • Cryotherapy, which is freezing with liquid nitrogen that causes the area treated to blister and the wart to slough off
  • Immune therapy, which can stimulate the immune system to fight off viral warts
  • Minor surgery, which is usually the last resort, but can be especially effective
  • Swift, which is a treatment method that uses a microwave therapy device to treat plantar warts; it works by using microwave energy to heat the skin, which allows the body to detect and attack the virus that causes the condition in the first place

Do you offer plantar warts treatment in Hicksville, NY?

Yes, we do! Dr. Davinder Bhela DPM offers all of the aforementioned treatments right here at Hicksville Podiatry in Hicksville, NY. We’re located at 66 W Barclay Street Hicksville, NY 11801. We invite you to call us with any questions you have for us or to book a consultation with Dr. Bhela. He would be happy to speak with you about your issue and offer any of his services to resolve it. We serve patients from Hicksville NY, Bethpage NY, Levittown NY, Westbury NY, Plainview NY, Farmingdale NY, Jericho NY, Syosset NY, Brookville NY, Muttontown NY, Upper Brookville NY, Greenvale NY, West Hempstead NY, Swedetown Village NY, North Wantagh NY, Garden City NY, East Hills NY, Franklin Square NY, Lakeville Estates NY, Queens Village NY, Alden Manor NY, North Merrick NY, East Meadow NY, and surrounding areas.