Fungal Toenails Treatment in Hicksville, NY

If your toenails aren’t looking very healthy and you suspect an issue with them, then come get them checked out here at Hicksville Podiatry. The issue could be a toenail fungal infection which is pretty common but also pretty unsightly. We can take care of it, no problem, here at our podiatry clinic. For fungal toenails treatment in Hicksville NY, make an appointment with us today.

Fungal Toenails Treatment in Hicksville, NY
Fungal Toenails Treatment in Hicksville, NY

What is a nail fungus?

It’s a common condition, especially in older adults, that causes nails to discolor, thicken, and crumble. The discoloration is white or yellowish, and the condition can affect multiple nails on the fingers or the toes. Infections are caused by fungi, yeast, or molds, but brittle nails, reduced blood circulation to the feet, or a weakened immune system can be a factor in whether someone gets an infection. Athlete’s foot can also cause a toenail infection.

Much of the time, a nail fungal infection is mild, but other times, it can become painful and cause thickened, unsightly nails. Self care and medications can help, but often the fungus comes back. The best way to deal with it is with professional care.

How can I prevent toenail fungal infections?

There are lots of things you can do to prevent nail fungus or reinfections. Washing your feet, trimming your nails straight across, wearing sweat-absorbing socks, wearing shoes made of materials that can breathe, wearing footwear in pool areas and locker rooms, and not using nail polish or artificial nails can help. There could be other things you can do to prevent any issues. A professional can easily help you identify other precautions you could take.

How are fungal toenails treated?

It’s not very difficult for a podiatrist to diagnose nail fungus, as the signs are quite obvious and testing isn’t very complicated. The doctor might take nail clippings or scrape under your nails and send the samples to a lab for testing. This can help to identify the particular kind of fungus causing the issue and rule out other conditions like psoriasis or bacterial infection. It will also help the doctor treat your condition more easily.

While self-care and nonprescription products can help some cases of infection, again, the infection can come back. Professional treatment is the better and likely permanent option. The type of treatment depends on the severity of the infection and the type of fungus involved. The different types of professional treatments include:

  • Prescription antifungal medications – Applied to the nail or taken orally. Oral drugs are most effective, but they might not be recommended for all patients. A combination of oral and topical medications may be especially effective.
  • Medicated nail polish – Antifungal nail polish can help. This product is called ciclopirox (Penlac).
  • Medicated nail cream – An antifungal cream that you rub into the nails.
  • Surgery – In some cases, this can be especially effective, but only when necessary and when other methods have been tried.
  • Lunula Laser (class 2 laser therapy) – We provide this treatment option here at Hicksville Podiatry. It works by harmlessly penetrating the nail bed and killing the fungus underneath the nail. It could work especially well for you!

Do you provide fungal toenails treatment in Hicksville, NY?

Yes, we provide this service for residents of Hicksville! Our clinic is located over at 66 W Barclay Street Hicksville, NY 11801. Give us a call to learn more about our treatments or to book a consultation with us. Our podiatrist, Dr. Davinder Bhela DPM, would be happy to speak with you about your issue and your options for treatment. Contact us today!